At the airport headed to LAX and approving some more confessions. Here is one:

I started looking at porn when I saw that the girls in the WWE were
also in Playboy. The women would come out each Monday smiling and
pretty and I soon discovered there pictures online for free and no one
around to correct me. I was 13. Now I’m 20 and cant be in a room by
myself without looking up the porn i’ve become addicted to.

My dad has been a pastor my entire childhood and the shame of leading
worship or helping with a church event while having this problem has
been daunting. I go to a christian University and it seems everyone
struggles with this but no one has an answer. If you do please let me

I’ve managed to steer clear of many traps adolescence
sets but that’s only because i’ve been so consumed with porn. I don’t
know what to do but pray and try to love God as much as I can. I wish
all of you the best as we struggle with this.

God Bless,