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*X3watch in Android Market ($6.99 one time)

The android operating system allowed us to do several things differently then the iPhone or desktop versions of X3watch. Here is all the information about X3watch for Android.

X3watch is an “always on” application. That means it runs in the background at all times. The “always on” method allows X3watch to quietly watch your mobile activity as you go about your normal day-to-day business.

It doesn’t track any private data outside which URLs you visit, what searches you perform, and which applications you install (and uninstall). There’s no “Big Brother” aspect to X3watch other than what you’ve read here. (We don’t even have analytics in the application to ensure that we avoid the perception of tracking other private data.)

Because it’s “always on”, we built X3watch to use as little processing power as possible so it wouldn’t negatively effect the performance of your mobile device. Currently, X3watch uses less processing power than the standard Android keyboard, which means it’s incredibly light-weight.

It’s easy for an automated system to become annoying, especially when it’s sending you emails on a regular basis. We structured X3watch to walk the fine line between reliable reporting and being annoying by making each email useful, uniform, and easily scannable.

X3watch asks for your email, your name, and the email addresses of anyone you’d like to receive a weekly report of your web, search, and app installation activity. The weekly email reporting is handled by our servers and we don’t store any of your private data or account information.

Each person that you choose to receive your weekly email reports will also receive an introductory email that lets them know what to expect and gives them a list of your currently-installed applications.

We hope that you find X3watch incredibly useful for your own mobile accountability needs. If you purchase X3watch, please take a moment to rate the application in the Android Market and leave your thoughts in a comment.

In our opinion, good accountability software accomplishes three basic goals: (1) it’s opt-in, (2) it’s not easily hacked or avoided once activated, and (3) it tracks the right information. We believe that we’ve accomplished all three of those goals with X3watch for Android.

1. X3watch is opt-in.

We believe that accountability software, like all accountability relationships, must force the user to choose to participate.
•    X3watch can only be installed from the Android Market directly on the device, which means the user has to be aware of its existence and installation.
•    Your name, email, and the email addresses of your accountability partners have to be manually entered into the preferences inside the app.
•    A notification icon in the top bar remains as a constant reminder that X3watch is monitoring your mobile activity.

2. X3watch is not easily hacked or avoided once activated.

Once it has been turned on and accountability partners have been added, X3watch will always track your web browsing, search, and app installation activity.
•    You can deactivate X3watch, but performing any function that X3watch tracks will automatically reactivate the app and it will resume tracking your activity.
•    You can delete X3watch from your app library, but your accountability partner will receive suspicious emails indicating that X3watch is no longer installed on your phone.
•    You can attempt to “cheat” the system by deleting and reinstalling the app strategically, but that pesky email system will give you away if you do that, too.

3. X3watch tracks the right information.

The most relevant information for the purpose of accountability is your web browsing, search, and app installation activity. X3watch doesn’t track email content, SMS messages, photos, calls, what you do inside other applications, or your GPS location. If you’re looking for a “Big Brother” app, there are others out there, but this isn’t it.

That’s a quick peak inside the philosophy behind X3watch. You can download the app in the Android Market now for only $4.99.