Our new blog looks great! A huge improvement on our last blog.
Thanks Dan for helping us out and making it look so pretty and nice.

However, a debate has come up between me and Craig on the picture
that we are using. Craig likes the current picture and claims that 9
our of 10 prefer this picture over the other picture that we had. I
happen to have a differing opinion about this picture.

Without trying to bias anyone or make a case for one picture over the other, we want to hear from you.

Do you like the new serious picture or do you like the older
smiling/happy picture? And because this is America your vote and your
voice counts. At least most of the time.

If you missed the podcast/broadcast you can hear us discuss the blog
picture by signing up for the Dirty Little Secrets Podcast. Also on the
show we chatted with Craig’s Mom and Michelle who left the porn
industry last week. Peace. Mike.