When we started XXXchurch we only had stickers and a few t-shirts… there was no tricked out website like you see today. It was 2001 and we were at a Youth Specialties Convention trying to convince Youth Pastors that one day this new ministry would offer FREE online accountability software.  But when we were ready for the software to be up and running, no designer was even in our price range, except for a guy named Chris Huff, who was intrigued by the challenge of creating it from scratch. When Chris gave us a working version of the software, it was one of the biggest days of my life.

The goal was always to change lives and save marriages from the destructive and addictive nature of pornography. We believed that one day, with the software available as a free download, people would have accountability. We knew it would make a difference, but we didn’t know just how quickly the technology would change.

Since the first free version of X3watch came out, we’ve released it on for Mac, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and the Android. We’ve had to use 4 different companies to do this, and we’re not even a software firm!  Not long ago I remember saying, “Remember Juno internet… it was free! Well no one wants it anymore. Juno is about as dead as Myspace.” I don’t want to be Juno, or Myspace.

We have made a big deal about being free for years now and that won’t change.  Let me say that again… X3watch will remain FREE, but we refuse to become the next Juno or MySpace.  So we’ve spent the last 6 months working on how we become the best accountability software out there on computers, phones and eventually, TV.

Here’s how:

1. The new X3watch.com, you can find all the products all in one place.

2. X3watch PRO, (in partnership with the makers of “Safe Eyes”) is available on PC and MAC. It integrates site filtering, monitoring, and reporting into one application. It also has “Instant Alerts by email or text messaging”. We’ve priced this software at $7 a month for up to 3 computers. We believe that this has the potential to fund our entire ministry one day.

3. Our Android and iOS products have been improved.

4. X3watch is still free but consider purchasing the X3watch PRO as a way of supporting us financially.

X3watch is not a business. It started because most people look at porn all by themselves and don’t’ tell anyone. X3watch was an answer to that.  We’re committed to giving X3watch FREE to anyone who wants accountability. But now we are also committed to having the best product as well. Why? Because everywhere I go, someone comes up to me and thanks me for X3watch. We know now what we knew in 2001, this works and people really, really need it.