Wedding can be expensive but this is not worth it at all. I just read this online.

A CASH-strapped couple are paying for their dream wedding – by starring in PORN films.

Brand and Tommy Barnes have earned £1,300 from three X-rated movies and
plan to make four more to raise cash for a beach ceremony in Cancun,
Mexico, next June.

The pair, who have four
children, have played a photographer and lingerie model who strip for a
romp, and also appeared in a threesome.

Lisa, 34,
even dripped hot wax on Tommy’s chest at a motorway service station
hotel to recreate a scene from Madonna’s 1993 movie Body of Evidence.

She also spanked him with a paddle. She said: “I was laughing my head off.

“I have told my mum and most of my friends. They understand. It’s always been our dream to have a fairytale wedding.”

36, added at Macclesfield, Cheshire: “It’s our five minutes of fame –
something to look back on when we’re older. It has brought us closer