We are so thrilled to tell you that PEOPLE ARE LEAVING THE PORN INDUSTRY.  God is opening doors and we are convinced that we have to be ready to help meet
some needs of people that are leaving the porn industry. We have learned a
lot of things over the last year since first helping Trinity.

We are working
with a handful of people who are on the brink of leaving the industry or
who have recently left the industry for good. Not all of them want
their stories told, although some of them are willing to share. Every situation
is different and we realize that we will be working on a case-by-case scenario
with each person who we are trying to help, but there are a lot of similarities
that we have noticed.

Our good friend Shelley Lubben has been working closely
with us and together we have actually come up with a plan that we are so
excited to share with you
and those we are trying to help.

We have established a fund called “The Esther Fund”. The word
Esther means star, which is cool because we want to show these people that
they are truly stars in God’s eyes. We can tell you we are going to try
and with that in mind we have put some parameters in place to let you and the
people we are working with what we will do and what we expect.

If someone is interested in receiving help from us, they have to agree to
these things:

Leave the porn industry.

  • A desire to change.
  • Local church involvement.
  • Willing to be accountable to leaders of local church and individuals within
    the ministry.
  • Full-time or part-time employment. School considerations will apply. Employment
    exceptions for those in detox programs.
  • Stop receiving funds, royalties, gifts or previous royalties from prior
    industry work.
  • Informing us of any changes of their situation. To include finances, relationships,
  • Willingness not to live with the opposite sex unless married.
  • Cannot take jobs related to anything in the sex industry.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Open to our resources for help.
  • Willing to be a member of medial insurance plan.
  • Willing to consider changing cell phone number.
  • Willing to abstain from illegal drugs and excessive alcohol use.

Here is what we will do:

Create an individual 1-year game plan to help them out of the porn industry.
This is not limited to financial assistance and will not exceed $25,000 per
individual. The person could receive up to $10,000 for schooling and up to
$15,000 for other expenses. Our work with the person will last up to twelve
months as far as financial assistance goes, but will hopefully our friendships
will last a lifetime.

  • Schooling. We will help them exhaust all the resources to get retrained
    in an area of their choice. We will provide assistance and financial help.
  • Counseling. We will provide help and referrals to local counseling programs
    and/or detox. We will work to find these at no cost or if costs are involved
    we will work to help cover a portion or all of the costs for up to twelve
  • Medical insurance. We will work with you to get medical insurance. We will
    provide assistance and finances up to twelve months.
  • Moving Expense. We will help with security deposits and some moving expenses
  • Legal counsel. We will refer and help the candidate find legal help if
    they need to break contracts. We will help with legal fees or try to get
    cases handled by lawyers for free.
  • Transition Expenses. For the first month out of the industry we will provide
    some financial assistance to assist with purchasing of clothes, utilities,
    food, etc.
  • Monthly Expenses including rent. We will send up to $500 at the beginning
    of the month for the first 12 months providing all obligations have been
    meant from the previous month.
  • Miscellaneous expenses, out of ordinary, or other things not listed on
    this agreement are case by case basis and needs to be submitted to us for

How do we start?

We have an application process that we have started with some of these people
already. The problem is that we do not have thousands of dollars sitting in
a fund yet ready to start helping these people. That is where you come into
the picture. If you believe in XXXchurch and believe in this opportunity to
really show Christ’s love to people in the porn industry, then here is
you chance. If you can give money, we pray that you would consider it. If you
can’t give money, maybe you can help us with some of those different
things on the list from legal fees, to schooling, to writing resumes.

You can make online donations by clicking

You can send in donations:

Esther Fund
PO Box 150169
Grand Rapids, MI 49515

God Bless and thank you in advance for your support! Let’s show the
industry Christ like they have never seen!


[email protected]

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