I am pretty excited to share this news with all of you.

This first book I wrote was called “The Gutter”. It was my favorite at the time I wrote it and continues to be today. This book explains why we do what we do in our ministry and the call that each and everyone of us have to go to the gutter.

The book was published with Relevant Books back in 2005. Shortly, after Relevant Books went out of business. I purchased any left over copies they had and sold through our website for a short while. Over the last few years, I heard from people paying $30 plus dollars for the book because it was not available anywhere online. There was even one on sale on Ebay for over $100 bucks.

So, the good news is the book is back!

It is now available NEW on Amazon.com and for only $9.99.

It is also available for Kindle for the price of $7.99

It is available as an Audio download for  $4.95.

Many people have asked for multiple copies of the book. I can get those for $5.00 each if you order at least 10 copies plus shipping. Please fill out the form below.

Why did an all-knowing, all-powerful God send the perfection of His kingdom—His only Son—to the earth through the gutter? Why did Jesus spend so much time, reaching out to people in their own secret, dark places? Why do His followers so often turn away from those very same situations? The Gutter chronicles the author’s journey to the gutter, telling the stories and sharing the insights he gained while spending time with the people who dwell there.

The Gutter serves as a manifesto for all different types of people in the Church: those who yearn to impact the culture around them, those who have reassessed their discovery of Christ and want to make their story known, and those who are seeking out new, fresh ways of exhibiting Christ’s love to the poor in spirit.