As some of you know, Craig and I were asked to officiate Jimmy D’s
daughters wedding this weekend in Santa Barbara. We are totally pumped
about doing this and are really looking forward this incredible event.
Craig and I will be donning our suits and ties(and looking very
preacher like) but we will be wearing flip flops to help balance out
our look. Everyone else will be wearing flip flops too because the
wedding will be performed on the beach with family and friends in

I think about how lucky we are to be able to do the things that we
get to do. If it wasn’t for XXXchurch and building a relationship with
the porn industry, we would of missed this great opportunity. I loved
what Jimmy D said in front of his daughter and her fiancee when they
asked Craig and I to perform the ceremony. He said “You guys are the
only ‘religious’ people I trust.” I think that is


Peace. Mike.