XXXchurchI wanted to post a reminder of what XXXchurch is all about because occasionally we get people via email or social media questioning some of the content we post or share. It may be a link to a mainline site with some graphics in the sidebar that are provocative, it may be a newsletter we send out with a picture of an “attractive” woman, it could be a video from one of our outreach recaps, or it could be a news clip where the network feels the need to show suggestive images as part of it’s segment intro. Whatever it is, the complaint is generally the same.

If we claim to be a site that helps people with porn addiction then isn’t it our responsibility to make sure there is nothing provocative at all on our site or in any of the content we produce, link to, or share?

Fair question. Here’s my answer.

Remember our mission is AWARENESS, PREVENTION, and RECOVERY.

When we post about a porn show missions trip there is a possibility that someone may get tripped up.

When we post a video of a former porn star that found Jesus, that could potentially send some people into a stir.

However, everything we do falls into one of those three things and if you are in need of  recovery then lets be honest, the sidebar messages in FB will trip you up too.

Get offline and get into relationships with real people (Tweet This!) and stop trolling FB and other online sites if you can’t handle a stats page or a normal picture of an attractive woman. Turn on your TV and you are going to be bombarded with way worse.

We are trying to raise awareness about the issue of pornography.

Recently the largest porn site on the planet released all their data about porn users and we decided to post a link to this article on Facebook. A lot of relevant stats were shared such as …

How and where people access porn?
What devices?
What times?
And so on.

As a guy or gal (without a porn problem) posting a link to this article may help you realize why porn is a big deal. It may help a parent when considering what phone to buy their kid. It may help a church realize why they need to start a recovery group for sex addiction.

Will someone grab the name of the most popular porn website and go look at porn? Sure that might happen. But in this case the link we posted  was a TECH site and we are careful of what we post and send you to.

We find great articles about this topic that sometimes are on sites that have rough advertising and just be aware, if we send you to places other then XXXchurch you have to be careful.

If we post a video from a news segment talking about porn or team recap from a sex show, recognize that we can’t control all the things you may possibly see. And while the content may be very interesting, if you have a porn addiction issue there’s nothing saying you need to watch it.

I think in most cases the content we share most people can handle, and if not, DON’T CLICK.


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