Brandon our highly fashionable and way too hip for his own good intern. Departs
this notable quote this week. After spending the weekend at the Icthus Festival
with me, Brandon was heard saying “Man! What was I thinking! I should
have interned with Stephen Baldwin. Yes, we did meet Steven Baldwin.He invited
us into the “Lords Lounge” and we saw his cool new trailer. He was not writing
down any license plate numbers of anyone at the festival. Remember
that story!  We did get to see his cool truck which opens up to the “Lords

Then we went and bought some Christian stickers from the sticker man who slept
in his car which was covered in stickers. These are my favorite ones which
are now on JR’s car.

And we topped off the night with a Toby Mac concert. Brandon is way to cool
for Toby. He is a total Emo kid and was not thankful for his front row Toby
Mac special viewing area seats that I scored him. I did make him do this dance
during “Jesus Freak”.

We spoke a few times and then drove home next day…a great trip.