X3watchThere’s a new X3watch in town! Yes, the brand new X3watch is completely redesigned from the ground up. We took everything great about the original X3watch and enhanced it, then added a whole bunch of other new, great features that we couldn’t be more excited about.

Take a moment to visit the new X3watch.com and learn why we felt the need to redo the software, what we’ve incorporated into this new product, and how useful it has been in the past—-and how much more useful it will be in a future of ever-present internet devices.

The world is going to get more accountable and more people are going to find the freedom that comes with living out in the open with a few other close friends. It’s going to be great, and we couldn’t be happier that X3watch is going to be part of it.

We recently unveiled the new X3watch at the 2013 Resurgence Conference.  Check out the video and then check out X3watch!