One of the hardest things we deal with is dealing with people who
have been affected by the porn industry. We have been working with a
gal named Trinity (Michelle) for over a year now. We met Michelle while
she was dating a guy named Josh. Josh told us about his girlfriend and
his own struggles with pornography and his prior work in the porn
industry. Michelle began prostitution outside of Las Vegas and during
this time also got married to Josh. We tried to help the both of them
but had no luck for a few months.

A few moths into our relationship we received a call from both of
them asking for help and Michelle expressed a true desire to leave. We
initialy raised about 16k dollars to help with her immediate needs. We
moved them from Las Vegas to Indiana and paid off their bills, paid for
schooling, bought a car for Michelle, paid for uniforms, food, and
tried to help with all her needs.

Our friend Shelley Lubben got them connected with a counselor in the
area and a great church. Over the last year we have remained in contact
with them, prayed for them and tried to push Josh especially to step up
and start providing a future for his new family. This has been a
learning process for everyone involved.

In June we received a phone call at midnight from Michelle. She
called crying. She said her home was not a safe place, she was scared
for her safety and her daughter’s safety and she was leaving Josh. She
was also devastated at the fact that her husband was into porn again.
She wanted plane tickets back to Vegas to live with her mom. We bought
them and flew her and her daughter out that next morning.

Once in Vegas, she agreed to meet with Mike and get connected with
some great friends at Central Church in Vegas. We talked through child
care issues, job, and a lot of options to make this work now that she
would be near people that could help her.

Within a few days she gave up on this hope and wanted to fly back to
Indiana. She asked us for money to buy those tickets and this is the
first time in a year we have said no. We did not tell her to divorce
Josh. We told her to give Vegas a chance and at least meet with Mike
and some others.

Josh’s mom bought her plane tickets and flew her home back to Josh.

Since then Josh has done nothing to bash the ministry and talk about
how bad we have treated him. We have been pretty direct and strong with
Josh. Encouraging him to stop with porn and be a man and take some
responsibility. He took over complete control on the Trinity Blog that
we had set up for Trinity and started posting things on there that did
not come from Michelle or any of us here at XXXchurch. We asked him to
stop, he did not and he locked us out of control of the blog. We took
down the link to the blog and have still asked him to stop posting
things since it is not his blog.

Michelle finally posted today.She said this:

I thought It was about time I make one and only one more post on
my behalf of all this nonsense because that is exactly what it is all
nonsense..we have all had alot of disagreements and because of course
they are the ones out to be nice guys they will be right regardless
well I wish I would of never fell for that crap because now my life is
more screwed up than ever before…all this money was raised to help me
start a new life a better one everyone kept saying but I went along
with it and it turns out every time I think maybe I shouldn’t it turns
out I shouldn’t have I could of left porn and everything else without
them and been in the same place I am in now so what was the point well
actually I would of probally been better has done nothing but
cause me to owe out alot of money and cant seem to get caught up it has
me in a place I have no one or anything and it has cost me my marriage
and I am sick to death of all this being put on my husband like it is
all his fault it is about time everyone be held accountable for what
they have caused the only good thing that has came out of any of this
is my daughter is now in a school where she can get the help and
tutoring she needs for her speech so that next year she will be caught
up to where she needs to be but that is it..I think thats these guys
idea of the project was a good idea but they have went about it all
wrong and hope no other girl gets caught up in know that what
bothers me is xxxchurch number one thing they work for is to help
people with there porn addiction…well we all know my husband has a
big problem with it and how have they helped him they told him in a
email to grow and just quit looking at it oh yeah and that he was a
complete idiot exact words yeah that is really helping someone but no
they seem to what to make all this about fighting with him and making
it his fault that they couldn’t do what they sought out to do. there
idea to help me is go to church now yeah I should probally go to church
but in all reality that isn’t fixing my
problems now with
money a place to live or the therapist I need now that I have went
through all this. my husband is now completely done with the church and
believing in anything that he has believed most of his life but then
again he seems to be pretty much done with anyone involved in this
situation including me he has stopped trying with us because the trying
and work we both have been doing seems to get cut off every turn we
make so that is how this has all helped but I think that is about it I
just wanted my thoughts heard oh and I really hope people aren’t
spending the money on the video above or any other money for the
trinity project because there is no trinity project and the money is
just going to fill a pocket that doesn’t need any help.

There is a Trinity Project and some great things are happening. We
have just hired Laci to work in Los Angeles heading up this project.
She has started some great relationships with girls in the industry and
we are excited about what might happen. We can not fix everyone’s
problems, we can help with a few things when people are ready. We can
not miraculously change your life, only God can do that. The idea of
this project from the start was to help people out of porn. We will
continue with this mission and ask people that support this cause not
to see this as a failure. We don’t know what God is doing or will do.
We are excited about what lies ahead and the trust that we are building
with people in the industry. Our good friend Shelley Lubben continues
to work on these things as well. God is opening up some big doors.

One thing we do realize is that we need a place for these girls to
go to when they decide to leave. Shelley and X3 are already starting to
put together some ideas that I think could really make a transition out
of porn a lot smoother then it was for Michelle.

Please continue to pray for Michelle and Josh. Pray for their
marriage, the new baby, and that they would be open to allowing God to
have control of their lives. We do not see that this is over by any
means with them. Right now it is just a little rocky and feel that God
is capable of bringing this thing full circle. We do have a few
thousand dollars sitting in the Trinity Project fund that we plan to
use on other girls in the industry as needed. We will let all of you
know of more needs that come up as they develop with others in the

The reason why we post this is so it is out in the open and everyone can see what is happening.