If you listened to Dirty Little Secrets Podcast #95 then you heard about Laura. She said these things:

When I was 18, I came to know the Lord, through my best friend, from the time I was 18 and on and of until I was 31, I was in the ‘adult industry’.  (I turn 36 this month)

It ran the whole gamut – – from being a professional Dom, to phone sex, to working for an escort agency…I know you all hear the stories, and mine is most likely not much different then any of the other people you help on a daily basis.

Today, and thank you, Jesus…I am engaged to a good guy…a  Believer, who knows all my ugly parts and thinks I am a little slice of awesome anyway.  We get married later this year.


So, Saturday night Jeanette and I flew to San Francisco and went to the wedding of Laura and Stephen and we were blown away. Incredible people, amazing friends and just a great time. Listen to the show if you forgot about that one AND show #100 the best and worst of Dirty Little Secrets is out now.