It’s the last day of the Vancouver Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show and the X3 team brought another great effort sharing the love of Jesus and building relationships with both consumers and exhibitors at the show.

This team of seven ladies and three men consistently brought their best game to the floor making every effort to connect with all who stopped by the XXXchurch booth. The team’s unity, encouragement, and excitement were fantastic and really made a difference.

As we close out the fourth and final day of this convention we all are walking away with a great collection of shared experiences that both challenged and inspired us. Already stoked for Vancouver 2015!

We’ll have some more final thoughts for you from the team later this week so stay tuned

If the thought of joining the X3 team on an outreach excites you visit where you can apply to be part of an upcoming mssions trip.

Taboo X3team 2014