The Porn Debate is on for this Friday on ABC. Grab your popcorn, a loved one and hold on. Watch the porn debate Friday, Feb. 29 on, plus watch the full story on “Nightline” that night at 11:35 p.m. ET. Last week the debate was bumped by some late breaking presidential campaign news.

What are your predictions? Ron Jeremy says he is going slam dunk the porn pastor Craig (see video). Eh, we think not. The Debate is guaranteed to surprise you.

Ron and Craig are much more different in their views than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I mean PRO PORN and NO PORN. I doubt that Hillary and Barack will be that close of friends after everything is over. Ron and Craig are friends and are likely to be if they continue to disagree on the issue of porn.

Does a job in porn separate people? Should we let it? Do Christians have too many Christian friends? Is love and friendship stronger than judgment and disagreement? Some people do not agree in us debating Ron? Do you?

When it comes to porn there is one thing Ron and Craig, and X3 and some, yes some of the porn industry agree on: We need to do more to keep it out of the hands of children. You must be 18 to buy it at a store but you can view it all you want on the internet.

There are massive political campaigns happening right now and we have one of our own – PORN IS BIPARTISAN. Our goal: To bring the issue of internet safety to the forefront of government leaders and bring protection to every family in the United States of America.

Check out the new website and download the PDF. And get involved. We can all agree that this junk needs to be out of kids hands and off their computer screens.