Yes, that is right Sam Sanchez and I head to Pure Life Ministries today. Pure Life is a live treatment center for those who deal with addictions to pornography, porn rehab if you will. Most of the guys there have hit rock bottom. They have given up nine months to pursue being free. You may remember X3 calling this place Porn Prison in the past, now we simply call this fine ranch in the KY, Pure Life.

I write this as we are en route. Sam will be filming all week and I will be getting the full blown experience as a new live in student. Honestly I am excited and a bit nervous at the same time. No cell phone, computer, TV, iPod or my music for an entire week. I am not on my own schedule, time is not something that I will control at all. I believe I will have to get up 5:30 am, sometimes at home I stay up till that time. It will be a challenge but I most excited to hang with guys there, to hear their stories of healing and hope and what God is doing in their lives.

Dry Ridge, Kentucky here we come.

Stay tuned for full recap next week and a short documentary early 2008.

– Brandon