A couple of weeks ago the X3 team returned to Toronto for a second year to the Everything to Do with Sex Show.  It was a great outreach effort and we had a superb team of individuals who primarily came from Southbrook Church in Ohio.  We handed out 2,000 Bibles, tons of stickers, a couple dozen t-shirts, and many gift bags to some of the industry girls and vendors.  I am continually amazed at the favor we receive at these events and excited to see the opportunities God gives us to engage all sorts of people right where they are at, no conditions, no expectations.

Watch the video recap below.  We did a little something different so I think you’ll enjoy it and will maybe learn a few a things about outreach in the sex industry.  Also, check out the feedback from some of this year’s team members.  When you are done, if you want to get involved visit myxxxchurch.com and sign up for an upcoming missions trip.  We are headed back to Canada in January to Vancouver and would love to see you there with us!



After 10 hours of driving through traffic and rain from Miamisburg, Ohio, we finally made it to Toronto! Our eager team hit the floor running, ready to spread some love at the Everything To Do with Sex Show. We had the perfect mix of personalities to reach the diverse culture of Toronto. I personally enjoyed many high fives and agreements that Jesus DOES love porn stars, and everyone else too! My favorite part was talking to a lovely girl, Martina who was with Canadian Burlesque. She was actually preaching the truth of the Gospel to me, and I just sat back in awe of her passion. I introduced her to Sandra who told her a little about her past in the industry, then we all took hands and prayed together. Talk about a woman on fire! Martina, keep that fire burnin!”

– Alli M. (Team Leader)

What an awesome experience! Where else can you go to preach the gospel to so many people by simply telling them Jesus loves them!!! It’s so simple, it’s truth, and it’s so unexpected……people want to hear more!! The catchy slogan (Jesus Loves Porn Stars), cutout and stickers are ingenious ice breakers that assist you in sparking people’s curiosity. It’s not often you have the opportunity to mix church and pornography but XXXchurch does it beautifully….with a mission and a message that hits people right in the heart….you are loved…with no strings attached. Who doesn’t want to hear they are loved? Everyone needs to know and hear this……and when they do….you can see the seeds being planted. It was an amazing experience and I was privileged to be a part of it.

– Diane S.

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!!  Being involved with this ministry and going on outreaches similar to Toronto’s, ignites something inside of me. It is so exciting to be able to go into areas where so many Christians avoid to be able to see even just one person really know Jesus loves them. In Toronto this weekend, I was able to have several deep conversations that spoke on a range of subjects which included grace, forgiveness and redemption. I firmly believe that the conversations I had and the connections I made were not in vain or meaningless, but a chance for those individuals to pursue Jesus now.”

– Mandy J.

This experience truly demonstrated what being the hands and feet of Jesus really is. Jesus loves everyone and I felt we were able to get that message to so many people. Being an introvert I thought I would struggle with knowing what to say. God always had the answers and I found it so easy to talk to everyone because our message was so clear. I had so many great conversations and am looking forward to seeing what God does in their lives whether I see it a year from now or someday in heaven.

– Brigette S.

This was my second trip to Toronto and I enjoyed it even more. I feel this particular convention really lends itself to dialogue with all kinds of consumers of the industry, which are usually people with everyday lives that I can relate with. I had so many theological conversations that I believe planted seeds for God to use. The interactions with the industry girls were just as amazing because they all came to us and we were able to give them gift bags. T-shirts, and positive attention. It felt like we poured out all of ourselves into so many people for three solid days and it felt incredible.

– Allison M.

Wow, it totally feels like an oxymoron to say that I had a fabulous experience at a porn show, but it is absolutely true!  I remember distinctly back in August when I first considered going.  I was sitting in church listening to the announcements when they came across the announcement for the XXXchurch mission trip.  Right then and there, something moved within me telling me it was my time to go. I had always wanted to go on a mission trip for the past several years, but always worried about accessibility issues as I have a disability that requires me to use a wheelchair full time. The weekend was a tremendous experience that taught me a lot about people and the fact that they are often just looking for someone to love them and what they don’t realize is that God is right there in every moment watching over them and loving them.  And I learned that I am a messenger of God that is sent out into the world not to judge or tell people that what they are doing is wrong, but the message is that they are loved right where they are.  So, in a nutshell, a tremendous experience that I hope to have more and more of and a weekend that taught me that the “Everything To Do With Sex” show was more than just everything to do with sex.

– Allison L.

I had a great weekend in Toronto! It was amazing and really tough at the same time. Amazing because I got to tell hundreds of people that Jesus loves them, no matter what! Tough because there were so many people that seemed surprised by that truth. The team I got to work with was wonderful. Both the XXXchurch side in Carl and on the southbrook side in Alli. So many outstanding and different personalities and gifts. I feel humbled to think that God used me this weekend to touch other peoples lives through conversations, smiles and just being available. I know that God has stretched me this weekend and blessed me beyond measure. I know that God wants me to be available in my real life and take time to make people feel valuable, not just at a porn show but in my own home as well. I think this is a very important ministry and I am happy that I got to do a small part and serve with this fabulous team! Thanks!!!

– Colleen H.