Just a quick update to let all of you know that Trinity (Michelle) is pregnant.
It has been a wild few months for her and Josh but we have just found out that
they are expecting. Head on over to her blog and send her a congrats!

If you want to purchase “The Trinity Project CD” this is a great way to help
support Michelle and others like her. 13 bands have come together, donated
their songs to give us a compilation to continue the support of people like
Trinity. Just when you thought we ran out of ideas to raise more money for
those involved in the porn industry…. we bring you a little something to
soothe your ears, while your involvement, soothes lives.

XXXchurch is providing resources and custom plans for those who want out of
the porn industry. Whether it is providing scholarships for school, helping
with job placement, or addressing childcare issues, we want to provide opportunities
out. It is the closing of the door on porn and the opening of a door to a new
life. The name for the project came from a girl named Trinity who was the first
porn star that the ministry of XXXchurch was able to help.

Track Listing:

1. Alone/ Sanctus Real
2. Hypnotized/ Pillar
3. Safety in the Darkness/Kids In The Way
4. Give/L.A. Symphony
5. I Can’t Get By/ PAX217
6. Ready When You are/ Brighten
7. When All We Have is Taken/ Edison Glass
8. Controversy/ Dizmas
9. Follow Your Leader/ John Rueben
10. Be in Your Eyes/ The Listening
11. Free To Conquer/ subseven
12. Walking on Water/ Paul Wright
13. Without Me/Bastian

*Bonus Trinity Project MP3 and Movie File included