The name for the Trinity Project came from Trinity who is a porn star who
we are working with. We are trying to provide a path for her out of the industry.
She was the inspiration for this project and our first “test case” for the
campaign. Trinity is a great person that we are raising funds to help provide
a way out of the porn industry for. A few months back we took Trinity on “Life
Today with James Robison.” It was a powerful time where Trinity was able to
share her story and talk about her life. The show aired in October and is available

Trinity has decided that she wants out for GOOD! She is currently living in
Las Vegas and has been doing porn and legalized prostitution for 4 years and
she has realized that this is not something she can do any longer.

Here is where you can play a part in this new life for Trinity. XXXchurch
has 10 days to make all this happen, so we are looking to you to help us out
on this project. We plan on making a visit to Trinity in Las Vegas within the
next two weeks and get Trinity packed up and moved to Indiana. She has family
friends in Evansville, Indiana that she can live with that will help out with
childcare as Trinity enrolls in Cosmetology school. Her 5-year-old daughter
can get enrolled in first grade in Indiana. Indiana is a great place for Trinity
to raise her daughter and she will be far away from all the temptations of
the porn industry and the lifestyle she is leaving behind.

We have a list of things that we need to take care of to make this happen.
We have told Trinity that we are going to do this for her if she agrees to
leave the industry. Trinity will also be posting a blog on the XXXchurch site
to keep everyone up to date on her progress. We also have some women from XXXchurch
that are going to be communicating with Trinity.

So, here it is:

U-haul Moving Truck from Vegas to Indiana
Gas for Uhaul
Gas for other vehicle
Plane Ticket for Trinity’s daughter so she does not have to drive
Food and Hotel on the Road
Cost to terminate Las Vegas apartment lease
AVN booth Space  (Trinity was going to go the Porn Show in
January, she owes this money even though she will not go. She has agreed
to put material in her booth about the Trinity Project
)Cosmetology School for 11 month Degree
Start up money for Indiana







Too often Christians spend their time praying, talking, and being spiritual
with people, but never get in and get their hands dirty. The book of James
says “Faith without works is dead.” Too many meetings. Too much political posturing.
Too much condemnation. Too much inaction. Helping Trinity is a practical thing
that calls people who think porn is a scourge on our society to step up to
the plate and do something about it. Will you join us! All donations for the
Trinity Project will go to helping Trinity and others in need like her.

donate online click here!

Or Send donations to:

Att: Trinity Project
PO Box 78268
Corona CA 92877

God Bless!
[email protected]

PS: Some of you might be asking yourself why are we helping a Porn Star who
must have a lot of money? Let us clear up a few things. Jenna Jameson and a
handful of Porn Stars make serious cash. 90% of the girls in the industry are
not making great money. They stay in the industry because it is a sense of
security and better money then working at Burger King. To put it in perspective
for you. Trinity worked last week on two separate Porn videos and made $900.
The week before that she worked at the Ranch in Las Vegas prostituting herself
and took home a check for $450 dollars. Is it worth it? NO. We could go on
and on and tell you what exactly she had to do for that money, but we won’t.
So, if you are hung up on the money issue, please don’t be. We have a chance
to play a huge part in Trinity’s life and that is what it is all about.