Last week, we had friends and supporters in from all over the U.S. to participate in the annual fund raiser that we do here called Bowlfest. Check out the latest podcast to see all the fun you missed. Mark your calendars for next year. We are moving it to a Saturday. It is April 24, 2010. You will be able to sign up and get all the info on the site starting next week.

We have a few other things to tell you about. Here is the short list.

-Sign up to follow us on Twitter. The 4,000 subscriber will get the XXXchurch new skateboard.

-The Miami porn show was incredible. Watch for the next podcast to see all what happened and find out why the cops were at our booth.

-The XXXchurch outreach here in  Vegas is called Strip Church. Check out all the things we are up to and come join us in Vegas.

-X3pure is the new on line program for sexual addiction. It is a 30 day program and we offered a special for Mother’s Day for only $79 bucks. Go to and sign up with the code “mothersday09”.

-X3watch is approaching 1 million down-loaders and we want you to join us at Disneyland. Find out all the details here.