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This past week we had the opportunity to do an outreach at a brothel here in Nevada. We had the privilege of cooking dinner and hanging out with the girls, as well as dong hair styling and make up. Below is Rachel Sanchez’s reflection after visiting the brothel. Please continue to pray for this branch our ministry to grow here in Nevada. We are very excited to see what happens…

cigarette smoke, soaps, cards, and heat. We walked in with the owner
and his girlfriend. right away they gave us a tour. From a normal
looking bar with a juke box to the “back rooms” where the “business”
happens. Just old rooms, leaky ceiling from the snow, beds that looked
like they were taken out of a really old motel room. The special
champagne party room even had a hot tub.  We walked outside to the next
building.  This was where most of the girls stay to wait for customers.
And through another door was the “spa.” We walked in and met
the girls.  One girl was lounging on the couch watching Charmed and
smoking a cigarette, next to her was an english/spanish dictionary that
another girl (who was out at the moment) used to practice her english.
Behind the couch was a small circle table where two of the girls were
playing rummy and smoking.

I was nervous at first because you could tell there was a wall built
up with two of them especially.  I can imagine thinking what are these
people doing here in our brothel.  So we sat on the couch with the girl
watching Charmed and chatted.  Craig and sam were making some pasta in
the other room for dinner for everyone.  When they were finished we
took all the food to the bar area.  we were hoping that a little food
would break the walls down a little.  sure enough after dinner one of
the girls asked which one of us cut hair.  So Phylicia went with her to
cut hair.  they were all so excited to get their hair trimmed because
it had been such a long time. three of them had their hair cut.  that
warmed them up and i was able to do some makeup as well.

It had
begun….the walls were breaking down slowly.  numerous times they had
thanked us for the gifts of makeup we had given them when we got there
and told us how amazing the food was.  They started to talk about their
lives. How long they had been there, what their family was like and
what they wanted to do. three of the girls didn’t sound like they had
dreams to get out any time soon.  The youngest girl wants to be a sex
therapist and she said the brothel was her training to see what it was
like for different people.  I don’t know how that would be training but
she truly believed it.  When I was done doing her makeup she said it
made her feel beautiful and full of color 🙂

This is what it was all
about.  Going where Jesus would have gone.  Yeah it was dirty but these girls needed to be loved more than anything.
Interaction from the “outside” where they could be themselves.  It
broke my heart when they soon got called into the bar.  They had to
take their sandals off and on with the heels.  They took of the
sweaters they had over their skimpy dresses and sat in the back smoking
a cigarette just waiting to be called in.  A young man probably around
38 showed up and had the girls line up for him. Phylicia and i stood in
the back where they couldn’t see us.  About 1 minute later they all
came right back.  They said “he doesn’t want any of us.” It sounded so
sad but i was so thankful at the same time. 

One of the girls stayed in
the back to explain it to us.  she said she had seen him before and it
happens all the time.  Groups of guys will make them line up and then
say they don’t want any of them.  she told us that she didn’t care like
the other girls.  It was their career but its not what she wanted to do
at all.  Just watching one of the older women get ready to go out
there…..she was so worried about how she looked.  she took it very

Craig made cookies
as we were about to leave. We gave them grocery cards and a bible.  It
was an amazing experience that we plan on having much more of. The
girls really wanted us to come back and i believed they felt loved in a
way they haven’t in a long time.  It seemed as successful as it could

Now Phylicia and I are sitting in the restaurant down stairs of
the Hotel Nevada discussing.  Headed up to our room with 2 double beds
that we dont want to sleep on.  So we are going to crank up the heat
and sleep on top of the covers.  headed home tomorrow morning.

girls pay $20 per night to stay at the brothel

girls pay for all of their own food

they give 50% of what they make back to the brothel…..

-rachel sanchez