At X3 Church we provide a place that people can tell their stories. We provide a safe place for people to come and confess what has been weighing so heavily on their hearts. Here is one of the latest confessions:

I really Do not know how to start this out so i’ll just get to the
point. Well I’m 14, I’ve been struggling with Porn for the past Almost
3 months now. Also…Masturbation has gone right along with it..I’ve
been Masturbating for the past almost year and a half. I’ve tried to
stop many times with both. The Longest I could get was a week at max.
At first the Porn seem Cool if not Good. It wasn’t until after I got
addicted did the problems start, with the Porn. I started to become
Angry…At everything. I would lash out on Close friends for no reason.
I would be depressed a lot. A month ago…I went as far as to almost
commit suicide, twice, both times, I lay the knife down. Then I was
Bi-sexual…I had feelings for a Close Friend. Yesterday, I cut myself,
all that depression, sorrow had built up enough for me to go that far.
I was so depressed, and sad yesterday. Until I got off of the Computer
about 11:30 P.M and went to bed. Before I feel asleep, I prayed, I
prayed, begged, cried to God, That he would come back into my life, And
he did what I cannot understand, He took all of that, all of the Anger,
Sorrow, Sadness, Depression and took it all away. Even those Bi-sexual
feelings. So I’m sitting here today, Totally changed. This made me feel
a lot better.