We just got this in from Jason about teamxxxchurch. Ceck it out.

I spend between 4 and 6 days a week training for the Las Vegas Rock -n- Roll Marathon. I live in Palm Desert, and it’s consistently in the low 80’s at 5am. I can honestly say that training for this event is the most miserable training I’ve ever done. Which begs the question: Why do I do what I do?

Here’s why:

Fireproof does some of the most tangible, revolutionary ministry that I know of in the US. They not only offer something that helps the world around me, but me personally.

Fireproof runs The Strip Church, which does brothel makeovers and gives cupcakes and cigarettes to prostitutes and erotic dancers. They also give rides to people on the strip in their bus with says boldly on the side of it, “Jesus Loves Sin City.” They are in a place where many Christians make a bad name in Jesus by yelling and pleading with people to leave adult entertainment industry immediately. They make girls cry. They piss off bouncers and club owners. They don’t get the industry or give tangible love to the people in it.

Not Fireproof. They make friends. They operate out of relationship. They are doing what Jesus did- offering unconditional love in tangible ways. They live counter-culturally to show a community often ostracized by Christians that Jesus is madly in love with them, and that nothing they do is enough to keep Jesus or His people from loving them.

Firerpoof is also parent to xxxchurch.com, which is an amazing ministry that helps people overcome porn addiction. They do this with an online community, and with a brilliant piece of software that keeps track of web browsing. Any questionable sites that are visited are reported to an accountability partner, chosen by you (and me), who, with the right relationship, pray and journey with us through a life pursuing purity. It’s available on mac or PC, iPhone, and Android phones.

Countless people are benefiting from the affects of this ministry. God is working as only He can in and through these people. I am proud to be a part of it, and to give of myself for this event. There isn’t a cause I know of that I get more excited about giving to, or that I would train to run for in over 90 degree days! I hope you get excited to. Partner with me by giving, running, and spreading the word!