XXXchurch has spent over eleven years working with people in the sex industry and has attended over 80 porn conventions across the world. We serve, teach, and equip women across the world who share a heart and calling to reach those in the sex industry. 

In addition, we established Strip Church years ago and have a network of over 60 different local ministries reaching out to women in the sex industry. 

Last week, we shared the Brittni video on the site. Many of you saw the video about Ron Jeremy on NIGHTLINE as well. 

We take a different approach to outreach and evangelism then a lot of people. I heard some evangelist say that you need to share your faith in 3 minutes or less. I believe people deserve longer then 3 minutes. We keep showing up in people’s lives and that is where we have the most impact as you can see watching the Brittni and Ron video. 

I have been living back in Los Angeles for the past couple of years and have a number of friends and supporters in the area that want to do more local ministry. My friend Megan is actually putting some structure and support to this.

We are not organizing mass volunteers to blitz local strip clubs once a month. We are just looking to expand on a lot of the things that we are already doing and build upon the relationships we have. 

We have established local outreaches in Las Vegas, Nevada and have helped many local ministries get off the ground across the world. With a strong base of passionate women and leaders in Southern California, we are looking to expand our local ministry here in LA. As we continue to reach more women locally, our vision is to see the love of Jesus transform lives as we develop real and lasting relationships in this city.

If you currently live in the Los Angeles area and are passionate about transforming the adult industry, apply to volunteer with us today! 


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