FYI, we get hate mail and FYI we post it here on the site. Today we got the ultimate hatemail! Kirk Cameron’s outfit, Way of the Master ripped on little Pete the Porno Puppet and X3! News flash. Well not really, we would expect that from them. (check out the video below and in the site player)

One of the radio hosts said this about “I had to floss my brain with something burning to get what I saw there, out.” Ouch. We definitely have not heard that one before. In the show notes they state on their site “We apologize for this: Pete the (Christian) Porno Puppet” is on today.

It is funny the host says he is all for internet accountability and our free software (X3watch), but he does not even have the courage to mention the name of the software. So sorry we are not following the way of the master Kirk and ps this commercial came out last summer, it was on CNN. Where have you guys been? “Way” to be up on the times.

We are not into bashing. Where is the love? Really. (obviously we could care less if these guys like what we do or not). Enjoy and if you feel so inclined give the guys at Way of the Master a call, ask for Kirk and ask him to have us on his show. 1-877-282-BEEP or [email protected]