cant-do-this-without-youIt’s July 2nd and I can’t believe we are half way through 2015.

We have done a lot this year.

We have created some great new resources, made huge improvements to X3watch and our website continues to see over a half of a million visitors a month.

I am proud of the work we are doing and the small team that makes this work. (Tweet This!)

I have to be honest, this work is tough.

I was at a fundraising gala the other night for my friend’s water charity and they raised $200k for clean water. My 12 year old son stood up and made a donation because clean water is something that everyone should have. I left the event and said to one of my old interns “I wish I could do something this easy.

Now, their whole operation is not easy but what I meant is raising money for clean water is a whole lot easier than raising money for the things we deal with at XXXchurch.

I started this ministry back in 2002 and never would have thought in 2015 that this is what I would still be doing. I am reminded everyday that the work we are doing here matters.

Just today, I received a phone call from a friend who is dealing with a broken marriage because of an affair, a parent of a friend who found out their kid has been looking at xxx websites on their iPad in the evenings, and a phone call from a friend who is now in jail because of some bad choices he made because of his addiction.

That happened all before I ate lunch!

We are seeing people break free from addictions. (Tweet This!)
We are helping parents have conversations their parents never had with them.
We are fighting for marriages to stay together and thrive.

I am writing to ask for your support today.

We raised money earlier this year for Bibles and all that money went to purchasing 30,000 bibles we take and hand out at adult conventions. We have resources for sale and charge for different services we offer but we also rely on donations.

I don’t have some flashy campaign with graphics and a cool video. I just have to just make the ask and hope that if you have benefited from the work we do you can make a donation.

Last year, we didn’t meet our budget and that shortage ate into all our savings. This year we have fallen behind and I just needed to ask.

We keep our overhead low.
We value every dollar we take in for this ministry.
We never take your support for granted.

Would you be willing to make a one time donation?

Or a monthly donation?

If so you can do that right now HERE.

Thank you for reading this.
Thank you for considering this.

We can’t do this without you! (Tweet This!)

I can’t offer you a well with your name on it but if you make a donation and email me at [email protected] and just tell me a bit about yourself I will send you something from our ministry that I believe will help you out. So, tell me if you are a parent, a single guy, grandparent, spouse of an addict, whatever … and I will send you something as a way of saying thank you.

Thanks again!


PS: If you have any questions about our financials please feel free to email me directly. Our 2014 income/expense summary is available for review here.