Nearly one year ago we assembled eight men who committed to intense discipline and incredible focus to conquer one of the worlds most challenging tasks – participate and complete a full Ironman triathlon. This event is a full triathlon consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike course, and 26.2 mile marathon. The event seemed out of reach, beyond imagination, and just to difficult to complete. However, the devastation of pornography is so diverse, intense, dramatic, and wide spread that it is going to take extreme measures to protect our children. We signed up for the cause and raced with the stories of how pornography is destroying  families, marriages, men, women, and kids on our minds.

Seven team members made it to race day. Everyone of them shared the message of XXXchurch with family and friends raising money to protect children around the world. Each team member helped work our XXXchurch booth at the Ironman event having countless conversations with athletes and fans. When you walked into Ironman Village the first tent everyone could see was ours. Many people stared at the tent and walked by without saying a word. Their mouths were closed but their eyes spoke volumes. Just like at many porn outreaches people weren’t expecting to see us there. After all, what do we have to do with triathlon? Our team loves to race. We love the challenge, the pain, and the dedication – but we are first and foremost about the cause. We desire to raise awareness around this issue of pornography and we use sport as a way to do just that.

After a grueling swim, hilly bike course, and what felt like a forever marathon we finished the race. Over 16 hours passed before the last team member crossed the finish line. Throughout the day many people shouted out, “Go XXXchurch” or “Great cause, keep running”. The team raised over $20,000 and put XXXchurch on the Triathlon map!


So where do we go from here? Our desire is to recruit YOU to join our team. We need you. The message must go out. In order to include more people we will be participating in a runners event next year. Each year we will focus on one event and everyone on the team will participate. Our marquee event for 2013 will be The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego California on June 2, 2013. 

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon will include distances for all levels. We will participate in the marathon, half marathon, and half marathon relay. Literally everyone can train and be a part of this event. It is guaranteed to change the lives of those who reach through XXXchurch and also impact your life in a tremendous way. Go to


Each team member is required to personally give or raise $2500 for XXXchurch. The more you give or raise the more benefits we offer you. At minimum you will receive half off your race registration, race and training jersey, private Facebook team page, and a killer training and race community. However, reach the deeper tiers of fundraising and you can earn an all expenses paid trip to the marquee event for you and your guest, additional team jerseys, team bag, and a one on one dinner with the founder of XXXchurch. We might even put you up in the Ritz Carlton!

Talk to your friends, make the commitment, and sign up [insert hyperlink in words “sign up”: [] for the team today! We can’t imagine the world existing with this invasion of pornography – we have to stand (or run) and make a difference.

Join today or read our FAQ’s at