Its that time again! Time to get you caught up on all things XXXChurch. Some of you may have had your browsers working overtime this week trying to find out why Taylor Swift got kicked out of a wedding or have been catching up on all things Honey Boo Boo. We are not here to judge! Others of you were stuck at work finishing off those sorry T.P.S reports for Lumburg! What are we waiting on lets get this blog moving……

This week on the site Craig and Jake had a great For Parents Only podcast. There is a bonus feature..we find out why its not Jake and Craig! While over in the teens section Paul asked is it Too Good To Be True? As always you can check out our events to see if we are coming to a town near you!

If you have been stuck on Song Pop then you may have missed some really great things on our Facebook page. There have been great discussions about lust, strip club taxes, virginity and so much more. So check us out and if your not a friend….JUST CLICK LIKE!

Over in Twitterville we said Turn off the porn and turn up the

Here are some awesome tweets from our followers..

@gabethresholdBetween my friends support, and Jesus, I’m positive that I’m going to overcome this.

@BrettWSheppard the sad part is few actually lose their virginity. Usually It is carelessly given away.

: Online courses for porn addicts…X3Pure

Until next week……..

Steve Oh