This week many of us were glued to our television sets watching the Olympics as Michael Phelps makes history with his 20th medal while the other half of the U.S. was in line getting a Chic-fila sandwich in the name of Jesus. And while all the water polo and chicken eating was going on Batman made another kabillion dollars. This has been a wild week and with all these things going on you may have missed something here with us so lets play catch up.

This week we posted a new video from August Burns Red member Matt Greiner who shares his thoughts about life on the road and accountability. You can catch the entire interview here

We always here about the man who is the cheater. This week Shellie called out the ladies who cheat. See what she had to say

We cannot forget all the amazing discussions over on the social media side of X3. This week on Facebook we had great discussions about Chic-fila, Fifty Shades of Grey, and  even posted a story about a woman who sent her husband to the hospital after she came home and caught him looking at porn. If you are not a fan on Facebook or you want to catch up on these stories you can find it all here

In a 140 spaces or less we posted #my journey with porn has________ . Here is what some of our followers had to say.

– “My journey with porn led me to hate myself and breaking up w/my ex. it also taught me that only Christ can satisfy w/true love.”

– “My journey with porn led to me run harder after my Savior an pursue a more meaningful/deep relationship with him.”

and our favorite tweet of the week was:

“The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same.”

It has been an amazing and uplifting week here at X3 and we are now gearing up for another. We hope you have a great weekend.