TGIF! What a week! If you are like me your week has been full of complaining about the NFL’s “fill in refs”. I get excited about the game of football but after watching some of those games I thought I may have to sign up for an anger management class or 2. Thankfully I came back around and realized that this was just a game. Maybe you too sent some time complaining about football and missed something here with us. Let me pull out the weeks playbook and show you what you missed.

This week one of our bloggers Jeff Fisher made the statement “There are still mornings when I don’t care about my sexual purity.” How crazy is that? Jeff gives a straight forward and honest talk about his own addiction. We are also excited about hooking up with Bella Veritas Productions, a Nashville based non-profit film company promoting their newest film 10 Seconds. This film sheds light on the humanity and depravity of sex addiction as it relates to the demand of human trafficking. The great news is part of the proceeds of this film go to support us.

Over on Facebook and Twitter this week we did our Accountability Raids. It is amazing at how many people are willing to be open and honest about what they are doing no matter what it is. We also shared a story about 50 Cent (YES! The rapper) and his thoughts on masturbation. You will be surprised at what Fit-y had to say.

Our tweet of the week is from one of our staffers: Viewing porn leads to masturbation, masturbation leads to tissue consumption, tissue consumption kills trees – stop the madness

We want to encourage you to stay accountable and porn free. Until next week…