I wanted to write something for those of you that have maybe never visited our website before. My name is Craig Gross and I lead things over here at XXXchurch.com. What you will find on the site is a place that hopefully makes you feel like you are not alone. Whatever you are dealing with, whatever you have looked it or just erased from your Internet history, we get it.

We have been talking about these topics and providing help for 11 years.

We have had the privilege of being on NIGHTLINE 4 times over the last several years.

If you missed the segment that aired on May 24th you can watch in on youtube here.

Martin Bashir first covered us here.

Ron Jeremy and I debated as part of the FACE OFF series on NIGHTLINE at Yale which you can watch here.

When we moved to Vegas, NIGHTLINE was kind enough again to run a story here.

Ron and I have been debating for 6 plus years and have become great friends. A few churches have invited Ron and I to share the stage on a Sunday morning. We don’t debate at church but just talk about the journey that Ron is on and our friendship. You can watch the video below.


We really do believe that Jesus Loves Porn Stars. Our team will be in Miami next weekend at the eXXXotica convention. I wrote a little bit more about this message here.

We believe people matter. We believe that you need to spend time serving people and showing up in their world. Standing on street corners, protesting and fighting with people doesn’t work. There is a better way and we think we are onto that. Some would say it doesn’t produce results, but we are not looking for results. We are looking for people to see who Jesus is through a team of people that are willing to show that to them.

I am very proud to show you this new video. It is a video from a former porn star Jenna that has run into us for the last 7 years. This is why we have occupied this street for the past 11 years.


Thanks for checking things out. Hope you stick around.

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