The Miami show was great once again. Here are some quotes & thoughts from the weekend:


This was my second trip to the Miami porn convention and I remain amazed at how easy it is to give someone a Bible in the middle of a porn show. This year, with a clearer focus, I had a lot more meaningful conversations. One lady even asked me, “Why does God love us?” which lead into a whole conversation about Jesus and salvation. . . a conversation that made her walk away smiling. It was in that moment that I realized why hearing about Jesus is referred to as “The Good News.” —Curt


2011 was a great year to be at eXXXotica Miami Beach again, partnering with XXXchurch. This year, the team was given a prime spot right near the front stage and autograph tables, which gave many opportunities for conversations and for the Gospel to be shared. Sex sells and shock attracts, but I am proud of the team for letting Christ’s love show through their hearts and words with every person who came by and heard that Jesus Loves Porn Stars. — Tommy


Hey Craig and Ryan! Just wanted to follow up with you guys about this weekend! It was a smooth show and Kristen and Tommy were great in helping to facilitate the weekend! Curt, Sean, Camilla and the rest of team were worked well as a team. It was a super chill weekend and we got to have a lot of conversations, and overall was a great trip. Thanks again for letting me join on this trip. Miami was beautiful! —Rachel


It seems that this year people are either cold or very interested…. no-in between.
 I see clearly what are divine appointments based on whether people acknowledge you or not. When they acknowledge, they generally have questions.  The women I have met are very pretty on the outside. But some of them are very hesitant, so in many cases I just give them a hug and tell them I love them and so does God. Many women that I have spoken to are scared of everything. One of those ladies was shaking with fear and asking questions; she really wanted to know if Jesus was really coming… By the time we finished, she seemed to be more calm thanks to the power of the Gospel. 
We are giving out bibles that include testimonies of folks in the back of those who have left the adult entertainment world. We are giving out stickers, post cards with the ministry information. We are giving out t-shirts that say ‘Jesus loves Porn Stars’. A random lady I spoke with yesterday asked if we condone this behavior and I got a chance to tell her absolutely not but we want to share the good news of the Gospel and why Jesus did what He did.   The Lord is always gracious as I have seen many hard hearts melt.
 There are many vendors that are selling jewelry, hormone enhancers, accessories etc. and we got a chance to talk to them as well. These people will listen if they feel you are not coming at them in a judgmental spirit and I am grateful for God’s favor and wisdom. 
 — Vicky