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*** UPDATE: Some of you have emailed us stating issues with viewing the new XXXchurch.com through Firefox. The problem is your Firefox browser has an old cache of the old stylesheets. How to fix it? Hold the shift key and click refresh. That
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Hey everyone, El Clinto here. I want to welcome you all to the new XXXchurch.com and talk a little bit about the new features, changes, etc here on the site. But first, I want to say thanks to SammyK for helping us out big time in the development of the site. SammyK will be with us this summer as an intern and we’re sure you’ll see more of him and his work.

Without boring you with a load of geek talk, here is a quick rundown of the newness that is X308.


Obviously, we’ve got a whole new look here. In sitting down with Craig in the first steps of development, we agreed that the look of this new site should be much, much cleaner than the previous sites and more precise on where content appears. Our home page for X307 started out as a good idea, giving you (the user) all we had to offer right up front; videos, podcasts, centerbox images, blogs, blogs, blogs, dates, banner ads, the flickr feed and anything else we could squeeze in. However, this idea slowly turned ugly, morphing into a flea market of images and content. So we stepped back with pencil and moleskine in hand to weed out the good, the bad and the ugly. What we came up with is a website with a flipside.


The main reason XXXchurch.com exists is to offer help to those struggling with or affected by pornography. So for the Parent who wants help right now with their kid, the wife who needs support or the guy who is fed up, we’ve divided the Get Help side of things further into these eight categories; Teens, Parents, Men, Women, Spouses, Pastors, Churches and Confessions. We’ve revamped all of our content in these sections with new stats, resources and facts. Each section features its own video player at the top of the page that will drop down when clicked. This player will house all videos pertaining to the category with a link to the video archives to explore further. Each category also contains it’s own Confessions section packed with submitted stories of those who have been affected by pornography. We’ve also added blogs to these sections, each with their own unique blog author.


Side 2 of X308 gives you all the Haps within the X3 camp. From news, tour dates, campaigns and podcasts to information on everything we do here. Get Involved is divided into four sections; Porn Patrol, X3 Events, Inside X3 and the Industry. These sections are then divided into sub categories with all the info you’ll ever need on each subject, and just like the Get Help side of things, each section features a drop down video player at the top of the page packed with footage pertaining to each category. Want to learn about the Esther Fund? Find out why Jesus Loves Porn Stars? Need a background for your desktop? Want to book an X3 event? Want to attend an X3 event? What is a pornmobile? … you get the point. It’s all there on the Get Involved section of X308.


Hit the link on the sidebar or on the hompeage to open the Dirty Little Secrets podcast player. We decided to throw it in a pop up window so you can continue to browse the site, or any other sites for that matter, and not miss a second of Dirty Little Secrets.


We’ve developed a new commenting system for the blogs, a much cleaner, easier to use system which we think all of you will appreciate. We’ve also implemented a new archive system for each blog category that is much easier to navigate and locate. Our new Dates section is much cleaner and precise listing out all the details of our upcoming events and speaking dates with links to google maps for each date location. We have a Q&A section now, so if you have a question, you can look there first or submit your own via the form. And finally, we have new RSS feeds for all of the blogs, so you can now get the latest from the blogs of your choice fed directly to your email inbox or feedreader of choice


Thanks for visiting X308, feel free to hit us back with any feedback via the comments form below or email me directly – [email protected].

~ El Clinto

p.s. We’re totally social, check out all the other sites we’re tied into at the bottom right side of the website. We’ve even set up a Twitter account that feeds all of the Haps directly to anyone following us.