We just wrapped up the convention in Jersey. Read about it here.

We launched a new site earlier in the week (version #8). We are approaching the ten year anniversary of XXXchurch.com, so we thought it would be time for a new site. I think each time we update the site, we get more clarity on what we do and try and put something out that you all will enjoy. Here are some of the things that I am excited about on the new site:

  • First of all, The main menu is pretty simple. We have sections for “Men”, “Women”, “Teens” and “Parents”. In addition to that we highlight the work we do in the industry and have a section called “Extras”.
  • When you click on the “Mens” section, you will see links to other blogs for pastors and men who struggle with same sex attraction. We realize there are women pastors as well.
  • When you click on “Women”, you will find a link to the spouses/couples blog as well as the women’s blog.
  • The parents section of the site has the most improvements and new content. We have a ton of downloads that will be adding to the section over the next week. We have critical issues, action steps, expert Q&A and so much more here.
  • We are working on a great video archive player. That is not done yet, but will be one page on the site where over 300 plus videos will be in one place.
  • Before the end of the year, we will launch Myxxxchurch.com, which will be our new donor and giving platform. You will be able to start fundraising campaigns and projects and manage your online giving.
  • We are also launching www.x3groups.com which will be new online small groups for men, women, pastors and teens beginning in January.  Sign-ups are all ready under way.
  • The Prayer Wall has made it through. We keep it because so many people ask for this and are involved.
  • Podcast Page: we have had three different podcasts over the years. Dirty Little Secrets, X3TV and X3’s Company. Over 150 episodes are now on one page.
  • The Industry section has a blog that recaps all our porn shows over the last several years.
  • The events page has all the information on all the different events that we do. Check it out.
  • We have uploaded a bunch of new videos to the site over the last few week. Here are a few:

        – Ten Years of XXXchurch
        – JD’s Story
        -Steven from Anberlin
        -X3watch Video

        Check them all out here.

We are still working on a number of things on this new site. We hope to get everything rocking by the end of the week. If you see a broken page or link or something off in a browser you are using or any suggestions or comments let us know

Here is a list of all the 8 websites over the past 10 years.