Tuesday we head for Las Vegas for the AVN Adult Expo. January 9th marks six years for XXXchurch.com. Send all birthday cards to the PO Box.

We have learned a lot over the six years with XXXchurch. We have met a lot of people and come across a lot of things that have hurt. Our story has inspired others to do things. Some knock off our ideas and create look a like events to help churches talk about porn. Some use our slogans and ideas and create their own events or so called movements. Some use their time with us to try and strike a deal or launch a solo career. Some just like being associated with what we do but don’t want to do any of the work that needs to be done.

We are excited about the show and praying for great things to come. We are worried about Las Vegas becauase there are 5 ministries that are doing some form of outreach next week at the show. Some are putting out request for volunteers on their Myspace. Some are stating that they need bodyguards and scaring people about the people that they might encounter. Some have so much hate for the industry that their motives in going are driven by hate not love. We have groups that are walking outside the show, some groups that have booths, and some that plan to just walk the show and bombard people with tracks and propoganda. And I am sure there will be the picketers. My friend Heather and I talked this week and we just decided to say something. Heather lives in Vegas and reaches out to females in the industry. She and her friend Annie will be joining us at this years show. What we would like to say is “Sorry”. Sorry to those of you who will encounter groups and people next week that will not sound and do things like the Jesus they claim to be associated with. Please know that although we all speak of Jesus we are not all the same. We know this is very confusing to people to see so many different groups sending so many different messages and for that we apologize. We hope that you have seen over the years what are true intentions are and that we really do believe Jesus loves you and we share that same love for you as well.


P.S. Thank you to the promoters of all the shows we have been to. Thank you for inviting us back year after year.