We are a few days away from November and the whole month of November, we will be discusing this topic: ” What Do I Do When ______?”

What do I do when I really want to masturbate?  Look at porn?  Hook up with my boyfriend?  Catch my kid looking at hardcore porn?  These are just some of the hard questions we’ll be tackling this November.  We’ve all felt overwhelmed at times by what to do, where to go, and how to escape awkward, tempting and frustrating situations relating to pornography addictions, relationships, parenting and sex.  So this month, our bloggers are going to help remind us of our shared struggles and what they did to make it to the other side.  We will have new blogs each week in the Mens, Womens, Parents and Teens section in addition we will have four brand new talks on our X3 Live On Sunday event. Get checking the site all month long.

We have some questions we would love to hear from you about. Below is short survey we have put together around this months theme. View the results here.