By now you may have heard about the Porn Kills Tour.  If not, check out the latest video Episode #10.  The Porn Kills Tour was a huge success and something that we didn’t orginally come up with ourselves.  It was actually pitched to us by a small creative company.  The idea was simple … wrap a hearse, load it up with some great speakers, drive it around, and take our message to multiple venues.  What seemed like an outlandish idea turned out to be a killer project.

Here’s the thing you might not realize, some of our best ideas weren’t actually ours.  They came to us via many uber creative and talented individuals who loved what we did and had a crazy concept that they wanted to run by us.  Jesus Loves Porn Stars?  Nope, not ours … well originally.  What about Sincerely Freedom?  We can’t take sole credit for that one either.

Maybe you have the next big idea that XXXchurch can run with.  Pitch us your concept and let’s see if we can catch lightining in a bottle yet again.  If you are interested, check out our creative planemail us your idea.  We’d love to give you a shot!