Let’s see, let’s see…

I guess we’ll start here.

1) I’m sure a lot of you know about Kickstarter. You know, the online platform that allows you (and tons of celebrities) to ask for money in order to fund projects. I guess it was only going to be a matter of time before there was a “porn version”.  As a matter of fact, the author of the article where I read it put it best: “According to Rule 34, if something exists, there’s a porn version of it somewhere on the Internet.” It’s called um, OffBeater (yeah, I know) and I’m mentioning it because it sounds like another way for kids to spend their money without really understanding the ramifications. Consider it to be the PSA (and PTA) of the week. (DailyDot)

2) Although everything about another article sounds creepy (to me), I also peeped that there is some kind of new bacteria called Mycobacterium smegmatis swap large that makes it possible to get pregnant without going through the reproduction process. Just recently, two married men (elders in a church) asked me what’s the point in getting married if you don’t want/plan to have children? It seems like folks continue to overlook the fact that Adam and Eve had sex in the Garden of Eden and produced no children until they were outside of it. Oneness is the first purpose of sex. Reproduction is…another. The fact that folks would want to forego the oneness for a baby seems…odd. Maybe you all have another perspective. Please share. (NBC News)

3) In sex trafficking news: It has recently been reported that over 100,000 children are being used in the sex trade, not overseas but here in the United States: “Human trafficking is a $9.8 billion domestic industry, with at least 100,000 children being used as prostitutes in America each year, according to the report from Shared Hope International, an organization working to eradicate sex trading.” It’s not just something to pray about but also to seek ways to support those who are working to get these children free. PolarisProject.org is one place to start. (US News & World Report)

4) I’m going to add the link to this because I like it when there are success stories related to overcoming porn addiction within a marriage. Desert News recently published a piece entitled “Trauma and recovery: 2 couples claw back from porn addiction” and I must say that I appreciated it when of the wives said this: “Not only is he the man I married again, but he’s also stronger than he ever was when we first met.” If you’re barely hanging on, remember that I Timothy 4:14-16(AMP) tells us that our testimonies heal ourselves and others. Read about these couples’ story. It’s worth checking out.

5) Speaking of Desert News, they also did a piece on “second hand porn”. Hmph. I dig the term Second hand smoke. Second hand porn. Yeah. Let’s you can check that one out right here too.

That’s it for this week. As always, feel free to share your thoughts.