Where is the month going?!?

OK, so here’s a list of what caught my attention this past week.

1) Although I’m not exactly sure how this is going turn out, reportedly, the UK is going to ban all online pornography by the end of 2013. Right. So if you want to look at some, you’re going to have to ask for it. That’s because there will be porn-blocking filters that will be incorporated into their new internet service provider and 95 percent of homes will be affected by this. Hmph. If America received this kind of news, there’s no telling how we’d react. Oh, that’s right. We can just go to the movies or watch a racy TV commercial. My bad. (DailyDot.com)

2) I also read a story about how a lot of sexually-repressive nations tend to watch a lot of porn. This shouldn’t be a shocker. It’s kind of like finding out that homes that don’t address sex oftentimes have kids who are engaging in a lot of it. However, I will say that was does seem a bit disturbing that in Asia, Yemen, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, the most searched-for category was “teen”. Yeah. Still processing that one. (RawStory.com)

3) Speaking of teens being sexually mistreated (because teens are *children*; sometimes we need to be reminded of that), I *am* going to attach a link that features a PSA for girls not to send “sexy selfies” of themselves. You can click on it here. Personally, it’s hard for me to see a child as being sexy. Secondly, it’s hard for me to find anything sexy about taking a bunch self-shots. Is it just me or do they really just translate as arrogant? OK. I digress.

4) I’m actually going to attach a link to this too. I’m not sure if the people who conducted the study are in denial or what but UCLA recently released a report that sex addiction isn’t real. Please don’t believe the hype. Anything that is a habit that you are physically and psychologically ENSLAVED TO is an addiction. Besides, if you can be addicted to things like food and shopping, you can *definitely* be addicted to sex. Yeah, they really could’ve kept that study but you can check out their findings here.

5) And finally, in reading a piece on how not to talk to boys about porn, I appreciated this quote: “Porn naturally fascinates because it’s sex and that is wired into all of us. But the subtext of domination, rape, humiliation, hurt or even killing that is now woven into much available pornography, let alone the absence of tenderness or respect in almost all of it, shapes the sexuality of boys in ways that endanger their chances of a happy sex life in the real world.” That pretty much speaks for itself. (Jezebel.com)