So this week was interesting in the media world. What do y’all think about all of this?

1) Some members of the Republican party in Iowa are pushing for a bill that would prevent parents from getting a “no fault” divorce. One of the reasons they want that to happen is because they believe that divorce plays a significant role in the promiscuity of teenage girls. Two points here. As Christians, it seems like it would be enough for us that a God of love says he hates divorce (Malachi 2:16) and secondly, before we gasp at their conclusion, we might want to ask some of the female young women of divorced parents how it affected them. (Just sayin’)

2) Speaking of how certain things affect others, on the other side of the world, there is a police chief in Scotland who is starting up a campagin that focuses on the fact that, from what he’s researched, young men who watch porn, increase their chances of becoming sexual predators. Some people might think that’s extreme, but I read another article about a man who is pulling his *five-year-old daughter* out of the environment that she’s in because “He talks of pornographic videos on phones and tablets being used to harass female students, and boys intimidating girls outside of school hours into sex acts they have seen in the videos. ‘I have seen it become a lot more intense to the point of female teachers I know who have been verbally sexually abused by students,’ Mr Wightman said.”

3) In other porn news, it seems like films on porn addiction are popping up everywhere. And one, in particular, is actually an upcoming film (starring Scarlett Johansson for one-interesting): “I wanted to tell a story about how people objectify each other and how media often contributes to that, especially when it comes to love and sex,” said Gordon-Levitt at SXSW after the premiere of Don Jon, which he wrote, directed and starred in. “We learn a lot of expectations from movies, or TV shows, or commercials, or magazines, or pornography, and those expectations are unrealistic and maybe not so healthy. And if we’re busy comparing our own lives and our partners to those expectations, we’re doomed.” Can’t knock dude for that. Don John is slated for release later this year.

4) In “creep us all out” news, there appears to be a “new trend” called “humiliation porn”. I watched an interview with an, um, guy in Colorado who hijacks pictures that women send to their significant others, posts them on his website and then graciously takes them down for $250 (he also solicits pics of anyone to be posted on the site). When the journalist said to him, “A lot of people think that this is just remarkably sleezy, how do you respond to that?” the guy says (with a death warmed over look on his face) “I think that we live in a remarkably sleezy society.” Gee, that’s profound and by the way, you’re contributing to it. I hope he’s hiring some good security. He’s gonna need it.

5) And finally, did you know that there was such a thing as “America’s Sexuality Day”? Yeah, me neither. Apparently we missed it. It’s a “campaign that tries to promote sexual understanding against censorship each 3/3 and continuing throughout the year.” After what you just read about what’s going on in the media world, something that the author of this article asked is something that I would like to pose to you: “So, regardless of your belief, what do you hold sacred in your sex?”

Looking forward to hearing from you,