OK, so here’s what some of my personal online perusing led me to:

1) We knew it was bound to happen one way or another. FBI is currently doing some Facebook investigating as it directly relates to child pornography. OK, that’s probably not very surprising, but I did want to share what they’re looking into as a form of a heads up. Apparently, there is a link that is circulating that simply says “watch this if you are curious” that is actually a child porn link; one that many children have already viewed. I know many parents who have their children’s social media login information…every parent should. Do you?

2) Speaking of sick-minded people with a raging sex addiction (and by that, I mean the link posters), I also read another article supporting what some people who write into us still challenge: that sex addiction is quite real: One part of a WebMD article said this: “That problem puts so much at risk: their personal lives, their social lives, their jobs, and, with the threat of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, their health. Despite the danger, they return to the same behaviors over and over, whether it’s Internet porn, soliciting sex workers, ceaselessly seeking affairs, masturbating or exposing themselves in public, or any number of other acts. ‘I see in them an inability to stop what they’re doing,’ O’Neill says. ‘They’re preoccupied; their brain just keeps going back to it. It often leads to loneliness and isolation. There’s such intense shame and pain.'” There are many women I talk to who are simply like “Why can’t he just stop?” and when I’m like “It’s an addiction” they tend to roll their eyes. Amazing the (greater) tolerance we’ll have for people struggling with alcohol, drugs or (eh hem) even food but when it comes to the misuse of sex, people act like there’s a simple “on and off” switch. A person who is willing to ruin the entire quality of their lives for illicit sexual activity or porn is not just…hormonal.

3) Now this is something that I found to be interesting. Did y’all catch that Bill Gates is currently holding a contest to see who can invent a more pleasurable condom? I’m not sure what I’m pondering more: How necessary it is or the fact that he’s only going to pay $100,000 to the winner (for a new kind of condom?!? Yeah…he needs to up the price on that one). Shoot, I’m still waiting on someone to invent the “heart condom”. Latex may prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases, but what about those SPIRITUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES? (I Corinthians 6:16-20-Message)

4) I also read an article about something that I’ve honestly never done or even really thought about. Did you know that there is something that is known as “pre-dating” and it’s via online search engines? Glamour magazine featured an article on the fact that people who spend forever “Google-stalking” their dates put the chance for true communication and intimacy at risk (kinda like when a guy asks you out on a text, right?). Sometimes I really do wonder how much the internet is costing relationships. I also read that 49 percent of brides don’t mind Skypeing their wedding ceremony (for real?!?).

5) And finally, while I’m not sure why Fox News published this exactly, it would appear that The Sun (which is linked to their site) is holding a poll to see what is the best Hollywood sex scene ever. And why am I bringing this up? Well, because the last thing it says on the article’s page before you can click on the link to cast your vote is this: “Go to The Sun to vote. Warning: Some scenes are NSFW.” OK, so if you can’t watch the movie scenes at work, should we be watching them at all? Porn isn’t just on porn websites, y’all. Just something to think about next time you head out to the movies, download something off of Netflix or order something on On Demand. At least check it out first on Common Sense Media. They tend to be pretty thorough (and fair).

Have a good one!