The past week has really been something, so let’s get right to it:

1) CafeMom posted a pretty cute article entitled “My First Grader Explains ‘Twilight,’ ’50 Shades of Grey,’ the Kardashians & More”. When the little boy was asked what 50 Shades was about, he said “This is about a guy named James who wears a tie and he’s like a president and there’s a big war that tries to destroy him so he pulls the tie off and he fights his way through using the tie like nunchucks. Wapow!” Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if everything was that innocent for a child? Unfortunately, it’s not. I also read that a pretty profound piece entitled “The Day My 11-Year-Old Son Found Violent Porn on the Web”: “He watched it because one of his new friends told him he should – because it was ‘funny’. He is finding it hard to make friends at his new secondary school and wanted to fit in. He didn’t know what he was going to see. I know this because, from that particular day, I noticed my son becoming withdrawn. He seemed sullen and easily upset. I knew something was wrong and asked several times if he was OK. Clearly he wasn’t.” And the thing is, being that I am someone who doesn’t think that events are simply “happenstance”, I thought about that article in parallel to a highly-disturbing piece about two fifth graders (one 10 and one 11) who are about to stand trial in juvenile court (in part) for plotting rape and then kill one of their classmates. Thoughts like that don’t come from “nowhere”. We’ve got to do better about protecting our children. Shoot, ourselves for that matter. Nothing about porn or sex outside of covenant is…innocent.

2) Speaking of “training a child up in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6), I also read that “Mommy Porn” is on the rise (am I the only one who is creeped out by that term?). And the reason why is something that we’ve spoken about here many times: “The nice thing with the e-readers [is] you can read anything on it and no one knows what you’re reading,” said Holt. “You could be reading one of my books, you could be reading Shakespeare.” Uh-huh. You know what mama used to say. If you need to hide it, you probably don’t need to be doing it. Moms are mentors. I wonder if we’d be as “cool” if the porn was called “mentor porn”. SMH.

3) OK, and out of porn and into how irresponsible sex affects us all in the real world, I also read that there are currently 110 million (110 MILLION) venereal disease cases in the United States. You know, the world is something else (according to the Bible, full of lust and pride-I John 2:16). It seems like covenant marital relationships are always being attacked but can you imagine what this world would look like if we all had stayed virgins until marriage and stayed married to only one person until we died? The Bible brings new meaning to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

4) If you have a Blackberry (like I do), and more specifically a Blackberry Z10, here’s something that you might want a heads up on: “The newest Blackberry Messenger (BBM) build has a feature that notifies all of your BBM contacts when you’re listening to a song or watching a video–be it from Youtube or [a porn site].” Hmph. I wonder how many people will be getting that as a mobile phone present all of a sudden. (LOL)

5) And finally, while I didn’t read the US Magazine cover story on Tiger Woods and his new girlfriend, I must admit that the title caught my attention “Lindsey Vonn: In Love with a Sex Addict”. So, I’ll leave with this question: Most of us know someone who has battled with porn or sexual addiction. However, how long are they considered to be a “porn addict” or a “sex addict”? A year? Three years? 10 years? Sometimes, I “fear” that the labels can be just as damaging as the stronghold. What do you think?

Til next week…