OK. There was a lot of, how do I put it…”intriguing” (yeah, that’s it) stuff that happened in the porn world this past week. I must admit that when I read a lot of it, I John 2:16 definitely came to mind: “For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world.”

Sometimes I try to make sense of it all and then I am reminded of something that the Holy Spirit said to me years ago: “Shellie, sin is senseless.” Indeed, indeed. Anyway, for better or for worse, here are some things that the media gave us to think about:

1) I was doing my best to be on the “no comment” status regarding the whole Farrah Abraham situation (or is it drama?) being that I used to be a teen mom director and so in some ways, it hits rather close to home. However, I checked out an article recently entitled “Farrah Abraham: Your Daughter Sophia Is A Victim Of Your Porn Video” that made me want to at least get your thoughts on the piece (the article, not the video). Honestly, this kinda sums it all up in a pretty red bow: “But media attention and porn movie money are both extremely superficial things. Your daughter Sophia, is not. Yet, no matter how hard you strive Farrah, it’s going to be very tough to keep yourself basking in the glow of fame for the rest of your life. Yes, your porn movie will probably be a hit, as far as porn films go. And maybe you envision an ongoing career for yourself in the porn industry. But sadly, I doubt that that can even happen.” Do you agree or disagree?

2) Which brings us to the next point. OK, I’m not sure I was aware that porn attracts more viewers that Netflix, Amazon and Twitter *combined* (for real?!?) but this was another article title that got my attention: “NSFW, But Safe For School: Porn Studies Journal Will Launch in 2014” *sigh* Just reading that makes my stomach turn. If you want to watch a Huffington Post (almost) 30-minute video on the porn studies academic journal that will be premiering next year (geeze), you can watch it here. For some reason, porn in the classroom doesn’t seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly, but maybe that’s just me. Which is a nice segue into the next point.

3) So, how old were you when your parents sat you down to have “the sex talk”? I ask that because I’ve had many people ask me the same question as the title of this particular New York Times piece “At What Age Should Sex Education Begin?” I was raised in the atmosphere of “When you ask the question, you’re proving that you’re old enough for an age-appropriate answer” and being that according to the article “Ninety-five percent of all Americans have sex before marriage. About half of all young people begin having sex by age 17”, one thing is sure: If *you’re* not taking to your children, they are still going to find out about…*somewhere*.

4) Most people have sex at 17. Hmph. Well, when I read “How 10 Porn Stars Lost Their Virginity“, I guess that would be the average being that the ages ranged from 13-19. Even our beloved Ron Jeremy shared his story. None of the stories are “love stories” yet I believe it was Lizzy Borden who pretty much summed it up: ““I was a late bloomer, so my first time was when I was 17. I was going to be 18, it was right before my birthday. I didn’t want to be a virgin and be 18. I had a boyfriend. Instead of waiting to be ready, I wanted to have sex.” INSTEAD OF WAITING TO BE READY, I WANTED TO HAVE SEX. Whew! That’ll preach right here! (Sidebar: It’s really sad that we live in a society that “17” is late blooming. Girls don’t even have a fully developed cervix until they turn 18-SMH)

5) And finally (and in no way is this related to the just mentioned piece since Craig and Ron actually are pretty good close), I also appreciated this title: “A Porn Star Isn’t Your Friend If You Are Paying Her to Be Your Friend“. I actually know a guy who died a pretty brutal death several years ago and when some of us went to post a farewell message on his MySpace page, it was loaded up with nothing *but* porn actresses. And so yes, I know that it is *quite delusional* that “social media has revolutionized the porn industry by facilitating new relationships between porn ‘superfans’ and the porn stars they idolize”. But then, I’m the girl who pretty much thinks that social media tricks a lot of people into having “close but not really” relationships with folks. Anyway yes, words to the wise: If you have to pay for intimacy, in any shape, form or fashion, it’s not intimacy at all.

Til next time…