OK, real quick two changes:

1) Craig is very “TMZ” and I am very “Gawker”. Craig wins(LOL) and so these will be shorter (per his request).

2) Although this is a website that addresses porn and sex, different people have various levels of sensitivities. So, what I do “shout out”, from now on, it will be without links (although I will reference the site I pulled it from at the end of each post). Just wanted to give the heads up in case you were wondering where they went.

That said, here’s what’s up for this week (and yes, there is a “save the kiddies” theme):

1) There was a study published citing that children are starting to watch porn as early as 6 and are (huh?) flirting online at 8. I’m not sure what a child’s version of flirting is but I do agree that “Kids nowadays are acting like young adults online.” (“Kids access porn sites at 6, begin flirting online at 8”. USA Today)

2) I’m currently looking for info on the history of those who watch child porn (pretty sure most are victims of molestation) but did you know that 85% of offenders admitted to molesting a child at least once per day? The average age of the victims is 13 1/2. That’s…horrific. (FightTheNewDrug.org)

3) I’m so rolling my eyes at the Christian radio host who blames sex education on the cause of the gonorrhea “superbug”. Honestly, most of the people’s whose questions I answer are in a lot of the sexual strongholds  *because their parents NOR the Church addressed sex*. Hosea 4:6 is real out here. (RawStory.com)

4) Fathers, if you want to give your daughter an invaluable gift, plant seeds into her self-esteem. *Now*. As I was reading (sigh) another sex trafficking story, one of the youngest victims in the ring explained how she got roped in: “At first, they treat you like a princess. They make you feel wanted, cared for and ask you about your life and your family. They buy you gifts and make you the centre of their attention.” No where in the Word is flattery commended. Just edification. Words to live by. (Guardian.co.uk)

5) I’m also not sure why so many young people have Twitter accounts. Shoot, I’ll be 39 and don’t even want one. ANYWAY, did you hear about the two brothers who are now being investigated on child porn charges for having sex with a 15-year-old and a pic of it going up on Twitter? Some people watch porn. Some people “make it” and don’t even realize (KomoNews.com). Please be your child’s first sex/relationships teacher. The world is not the best source.

Til next week, y’all…