Let’s see…if I can keep this week (relatively) short ‘n sweet.

1) Fellas, I would like your take on an article I read from the former Victoria’s Secret model Kylie Biscutti who has been on the media tour circuit to promote her book I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model. In one interview, she said this: “I believe that the types of images I took when I was a lingerie model brought a lot of men into temptation. And I do know that a very high percentage of men fall into porn addiction through looking at their mom’s or wives’ lingerie catalogues.” A part of the reason why I don’t use links anymore in these is some men felt like certain pics within the articles were temptations. Along those same lines, do you agree that seeing lingerie ads can lead to a porn addiction? (RadarOnline)

2) A few weeks ago, a friend of mine (who is a happily married elder) and I were joking about the fact that one reason why a lot of marriages may not have ended in divorce in biblical times was due to the fact that men were gone away to fight wars and there were no telephones and internet connections back then. That said, there are more and more articles citing that a lot of married couples are happier when they are living apart and currently 3.1 percent are doing so. Personally, I’m not sure what the point of getting married to not be together would be, but if anyone is doing it, please share your thoughts. (USA Today)

3) Speaking of “living apart”, I also read an article on the reasons why women cheat in their relationships. Apparently we do so because we’re going through a transition OR we’re not feeling adequately celebrated OR we feel like the relationship is coming to an end anyway OR we’re not having fun anymore OR we’re sexually bored. What’s fascinating to me is that this doesn’t sound much different than the reasons for why men cheat. Plus, if this really is the case, a lot of these “problems” are relatively fixable, wouldn’t you think? So, that being said, why does it seem like so many marriages are breaking up due to adultery (even though it’s a hardened heart that was the real cause for why divorce was instituted in the first place-Matthew 19:1-12)? (Shine.Yahoo)

4) I’ve been saying for a long time now that a lot of people “make porn”; they just don’t get paid for it. That said, did you read the story about the two brothers who engaged in sex with a 15-year-old girl and then tweeted the pic? What the two “Mr. Brilliants” didn’t realize is that because she’s a minor, it could be considered child pornography. It’s currently under investigation and definitely another warning to give your kids about why sexting and sending naked shots is an absolute no-no. (Komo News)

5) And finally, OK…I’m not sure what to say about this one…exactly. NBC News published a story about a porn actress by the name of Chanel Preston who opened up a business account with City National Bank only to have it shut down due to “compliance issues”: “The issue seems to be reaching a boiling point, though. Earlier this week, Marc Greenberg, founder of the soft porn studio MRG Entertainment, filed suit against JPMorgan Chase in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleging the bank violated fair lending laws and its own policy for refusing to underwrite a loan for ‘moral reasons’. ” I mean if money is not going to be accepted by banks due to “shady professions”, don’t get me started on how many banks need to be shut down due to their own business practices. Anyway, for anyone who thinks that porn actors and actresses have it easy, whether in the spiritual or apparently even financial sense, that is a definitely huge assumption.

Looking forward to hearing you sound off…