Wow. Is May almost gone?

OK…where to begin? I guess on a high note. Relatively speaking.

1) I actually am a “summer blockbuster” kind of girl, but I haven’t gotten a chance to check out the latest Star Trek installment although I will say this: I can’t remember the last time a writer has apologized for someone being on screen in their underwear (wow!). So if anyone gets the “Thanks for remaining sensitive to your audience” award this week, it’s Damon Lindelof. (Newser)

It’s kind of downhill from there, though…

2) Boy, they will try anything. “They” being the folks who just can’t seem to give “self-service sex” (which is what I call masturbation) up. Now they’re claiming that a masturbation diet (um literally) can help you to lose weight: “According to Nikkan Spa, a 28 year-old with the alias “Yuichi Ito” was able to lose nearly 9 pounds in two months, simply through watching his diet and [masturbating] between three and five times a day.” Looka here. At the peak of my masturbating, I believe I was also at my heaviest. If you want some real cardio, go running. (Kotaku)

3) Speaking of teaching um, too much…I also read about school that has been breaking safe sex down by well, I’ll just quote one of the *teen* peer educators: “‘We opened it and we tasted them,’ White said, explaining that it’s easier to educate about safe sex if there is an element of fun. She also explained, more seriously, that a flavored condom can be used as a ‘dental dam’ for oral sex. ” Um. Yeah. I’ll say this: I do get that millions are spent on abstinence only programs and that some people think it’s a waste of time and money. I know we need to be more realistic but I’m actually still waiting on the *purpose of sex* to be taught. Using something without knowing why it was intended is dangerous. Even if it does come with a (cough) flavored condom. (Cleveland)

4) One person’s wedding night is apparently another person’s reality show. Mere words cannot express how irritated I am that there’s about the be a reality series where people can auction off their virginity to the highest bidder. It sounds a lot like Memoirs of a Geisha to me only without the beautiful cinematography. Honestly, what makes that any different than prostitution or a twisted form of slavery? Reminds me of the Message Version of Luke 6:26: “Our task is to be true, not popular.” (Huffington Post)

5) Finally, one article said *a mouthful* in its title: “Violence Is the New Sex.” Basically, it’s states that since porn is so readily available that movie companies are amping up their violence scenes to keep movie goers interested. Gee, paying $15 to watch to people act like they’re having sex or killing one another is America’s idea of a good time. Is it just me or does that look weird in print? (Raw Story)