As summertime is approaching, the media that’s “relevant” to our platform seems to be getting—not hotter but actually…odder:

1) OK, I’m not the girl who gets her kicks off of violence and so I think I’ve seen, at most, 45 seconds of any Saw film (and that was because some people were watching it at a house I was visiting). But, I do know enough about it to question what makes it “torture porn” (porn?!?) and more importantly to ask why the heck did a teacher show it to a class of sixth grade students? And with more and more teachers sleeping with their students, P.S. what kind of psychological testing is mandatory for educators anyway? (Gawker)

2) Speaking of “What?!?” news, I also read that bestiality is apparently becoming a “popular” trend. One man was caught having sex with a pit bull last week. A Chicago dude reportedly did the same not too long ago. Last April, a man had a threeway with two other dogs. I have shared my testimony of being abused and engaging in a form of bestiality as a child. There is nothing healthy or sexy about it. If there is a trend going on, we need to take serious heed. It’s a warning sign on so many levels. (Huffington Post)

3) You learn something new every day. One, I didn’t know that there was such a thing as International Day of the Prostiute (June 2) and two, I wasn’t aware that Brazil was so proud of it that they had billboards up. It’s legal there, so I get that part but…”I’m proud of having sex for money with random strangers” seems a bit…again, odd, right? Pride is a sign of self-respect and honor. At least in English. Maybe someone told them that. They pulled the ads. (CNN)

4) In “this should be obvious but it’s worth reiterating” news: Although a lot of media websites that picked up this story flat out insulted it with their sarcasm, I find it fascinating that more people do not see a direct link to a girl having an unhealthy and/or non-existent relationship with her father and it leading to unhealthy and sexually imbalanced relationships with men. I can vouch for it. A lot of the women who write into our site can as well. Just sayin’. (UPI)

5) OK, let’s end this on somewhat of a lighter note; one that brings *new meaning* to everything in the dark coming to light. Now I’m not one to berate this person being that in college I took some compromising pictures and the photographer (cough) lost the negatives, but when I tell you that a sistah *learned her lesson*—single or married, I’m not gonna be taking any nudy shots and here’s a reminder of why: This week, some dude named Trevor decided to send a picture of his “seed container” to a gal he was talking to via a dating site (one that is apparently ran by a porn company, by the way). She didn’t like it. Not in the least. But rather than go on a FB or Twitter rant, she took another route. She sent it to his mama! On the “flushed face meter”, I don’t know whose face was redder: his from embarrassment or his mom from trauma. Healthy families stop seeing private parts well before adulthood. Anyway, be careful of the choices you make. It could humiliate you, disgust your family and become fodder for news outlets. Words to live by. (Daily Dot)