What happens with Craig Gross @XXXChurch and WHY is talking about PORN addiction so important? The truth is there are a number of addictions in our world and they are all very dangerous. Pornography is lethal and has gripped a huge number of people. It can hurt directly and indirectly. So the XXXChurch.com web site is created to help lead people to sobriety with a pornography addiction. In asking WHY PORN? we are simply leading people to tools to help them or the ones around them affected by their pornography use.

Craig Gross criss-crosses the country leading talks about the lethal nature of Porn and how to lead people out of it. The whole XXXChurch.com site has basic and advanced tools that can help you or ones you love in recovery. Take a chance to walk through the site and ask WHY PORN? There is a huge amount of information, tools, blogs for anyone to get inspired or even challenged with, the TV channel and so much more. Porn is a real problem… people are genuinely hurting. So the question really isn’t “Why Porn?” it is “How Can I Help?”. If you know the site and it has helped you we’d love to ask – “How has it helped you?” If you are are still figuring this out then –  “Why Porn?”