A T-Shirt can be an easy thing to wear and an easy thing to communicate a simple message. When the message is complicated or hard to understand there can be confusion from wearing it. When the message is a direct communication of a controversial message there can be an quick backlash from people reading the message on the shirt. The shirt that we have right now says “Jesus loves Gay Porn Stars” and people are buying the shirt and wearing it. The question comes down to the fact that you can wear the shirt too. The question is, where does that leave your heart in the middle of that?

Pornography is an addiction that reaches every one. Whether you are gay or straight, pornography is a problem. Can your heart reach out to people who are struggling between crack or meth? They are both similar and both brutal for an addiction. Both create addicts and both types of addicts need help and both need recovery. If meth repulses you, would you still have love for the meth addict and want to see them recovered or would you say that it isn’t really a problem or focus on their circumstances rather than the addiction and discount their addiction?

The answer is to just love the addict and let them see the light that recovery has through your actions. That can mean simply wearing a shirt to tell them without talking, reaching out a hand or praying every day. Either way, you can make a difference and you can love anyone through their addiction and let your heart break for the day they are free from their addiction of cocaine, meth, pornography or gay pornography.