Ron said to me on the tour that the porn industry is more accepting of me then the church would ever be of him. The sad thing is he is right. The porn industry is all about the freedom of speech, so we are allowed to do what we do and for the most part we are accepted.

A lot of Christians and churches want nothing to do with Ron Jeremy and others in porn. Believe me I know, especially after the previous blog, my inbox is full of those who think that way and force that opinion onto many others. This is not the way of Jesus. Let me say that again. This is not the way of Jesus.

One of the great moments I had on the tour was having Ron meet my friend Paul who writes for the Willow Creek Association. He came to the debate and is writing an article to send out to 12,000 churches in their association about Ron and the tour.

We have a long way to go with Ron and others to show them that Jesus is far more accepting then the church will ever be. This night was a step in the right direction. Listen in on this interview of a guy who really cares about what Ron has to say and is convinced sharing those thoughts with the church is a step in the right direction.

We will post the article when we get it, but in the meantime here is the audio recording of the entire interview that was done backstage in Chicago.

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